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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ode to cotton babies (repost)

Ode to a Cloth Diaper

I found this sweet poem on a fellow Cloth Diaper mommy blogger. (see link above)

This post is to express my love for

Oh, diaper,
Made of simple
puffed soft by air and sun...

Two hands must have picked you,

Two hands must have spun you,

Two hands must have woven you,
into soft white hills.

Then cloth you became…
Like a new mother,
Awakened to a new purpose
To hold a sweet babe
In your gentle arms.

And like a mother
Carefully places kisses,
So are your careful stitches
Holding tight
That which we love
The most.

You are a cloth diaper,
Made of humble stuff
yet I find
simple beauty,
in wrapping my hopes,
my heart,
my Cotton Babies
in your cloth hug.

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